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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coworking a better alternative than traditional office space?


Yes, of course! Here’s why joining a coworking space is better than getting your own office space:

  • Affordable & Flexible: No long-term lease that eats up your cash flow. Our plans are month-month, so you can keep your overheads low.

  • Scalable: Only pay for the space you need.

  • Hassle-Free: Don’t worry about who’s keeping the tea, coffee, toilet etc stocked or setting up the Internet. All of that is included in your monthly rent, so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters.



What is the difference between hotdesk membership and dedicated desk membership?
Hot desk is basically a pay-as-you-go, sit-where-there’s-an-opening, membership.
It’s ideal for freelancers, startups and remote workers, who may not require an office space 5 days a week.
So all you have to do is bring your laptop, select an open seat and get to work.
You can purchase a one day pass, five day pass or a ten day pass.
All passes to be used within one month from date of purchase.
So for example, you could spread the five day pass out over the entire month and use it for one day a week for that month. Or, if you purchase the ten day pass, you could use it for two consecutive weeks or, spread it out over the entire month and use it for two days per week, for that month.
Dedicated desk basically ensures that you have a specific desk for as long as you book your membership, and you have access to your desk 24/7.
You will also have a locker underneath your desk, which can be locked. So you can store some items here, which will save you packing up every evening.


What are your opening hours?

Our general hours are Monday to Sunday 08.30 - 21.00.
Other special hours can be arranged upon request.


What is there to eat-in or take out around here?

We are located on Main Street in Blessington, so everything you should need is only a short stroll away.
There is a Centra shop just a few doors up, where you can grab breakfast or lunch to go.
Or if you fancy dining out, The Moody Rooster cafe or Crafternoon Tea are two fab cafes within a couple minutes walk.
If you are looking for some tasty pub grub, The West Wicklow House won't disappoint & is only a couple of minutes walk away, also.

Where can I keep and heat my lunch?

There is a refrigerator and microwave to both keep and heat your food. So feel free to bring any snacks or meals with you.
There are comfy seats in our chill out/kitchen area where you can kick back and enjoy your lunch.


My work requires that I meet with clients and team members occasionally. Can you facilitate this?

Yes, you can book our conference room specifically designed to seat six people comfortably. Here you will have the use of whiteboards, flip charts and visual display screen.


Do I receive a private key?

The coworking space has an electronic locking system. All members get a key card and can come & go as you please within our opening hours, & obviously based on the monthly membership you signed up too.
There will be a charge of €20 for any lost key card.


Can I use my phone in the co working space?

Yes, of course you can use your phone, it is the same as any other open plan office!

We would ask people to be mindful of other workers though, and if you do receive a lot of calls, to maybe keep the calls short (no two hour catch up to the cousin in Australia!), and the volume down.


How do I book a desk?

For monthly bookings or any other information please use our contact form or alternatively you can send us an email.


Is there storage available?

We have lockers that can be booked for the duration of your monthly membership, but lockers are limited, so first come, first served basis.

Lockers are €10.

Dedicated desk members have use of a lockable locker at their desk for the duration of their membership.